Devil's Advocate

by Losing End

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Powertrip Records

Released 22nd October 2016

Recorded by Cedric of Inversion Studios
Mixed by Taylor Young of Pit Studios
Mastered by Brad Boatright of Audiosiege
Artwork by Andrei Bouzikov


released October 21, 2016



all rights reserved


Losing End Singapore

Hardcore band Singapore,SG

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Track Name: Bathed In Blood
As the bodies lie lifeless,

What comes next?

Will this war bring justice to the dead?

Bathed In Blood,

We ask ourselves, was this worth the risk and fighting?

Did our comrades lose their lives in vain?

Bathed in Blood, I see nothing but pain.
Track Name: In My Head
I’ve been trying to piece the mess

But it’s getting out of hand

All that I can suppress.

What none can understand.

Weighing me down, hoping to drown

Weighing me down, hoping to drown

Drawing closer to the edge.

Time and time again,

I’ve been put to the test

But how do I amend

these thoughts in my head

Weighing me down, hoping to drown

Weighing me down, hoping to drown

Drawing closer to the edge.

Pulled under from beneath my feet,

Into the darkness and let it

consume me whole, body and soul.

And it will take its toll.

I’d rather be dead than lost in my head.

In my head.
Track Name: Lucked Out
You never thought that you'd be caught

This has gone for far too long


You've been dealt the cards,lucked out.

Refused to face it, Chose to ignore the truth

Or do you just erase it?

 Why do I choose to live and suffer under your reign

When there's nothing to gain

I should have let them get to you.

Nothing comes without a price

Lucked out, pay the price.

Lucked out, serve the time

It’s time for you to give up your freedom as

Your life is a crime and I’m just a victim of my time.
Track Name: Burn
Watching the world in disgust,

Consumed by fear and power.

Slowly turning into dust!

Why do we have to bleed

For those who hunger for an endless aching greed.

Set the world ablaze and burn the bridges.

A trail for cowards to decay.

Do not pursue this path as it will lead you astray

Set fire to it all and watch it

Burn! Watch it Burn!

Burn! Watch it Burn!

As we bury the ashes onto the ground, it’s a reminder that

we too shall be buried with it.
Track Name: Devil's Advocate

Laid your hands on the weak.

You played yourself as the devil’s advocate.

Lying through your teeth,

To get to where you see fit.

You tie the cord and watch them suffer as they hang lifeless from

their feet

Murder! In the first degree!

As you’re lying in wait for your victims,

You're consumed by spite and the will to kill