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by Losing End

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Dangerous Goods Distro / Here To Stay Records

Released 1st July 2015

Recorded and mixed by Axel of Outrage Productions
Mastered by Momotaro San Anthony
Artwork by Andray


released July 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Losing End Singapore

Hardcore band Singapore,SG

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Track Name: Cursed
Cursed, Have you ever felt the darkness clinging onto the back of your mind slowly dragging you down.
A void filled with nothing, how do I escape this, how do I even break out. How does living feel like when all I see is pitch black darkness.
How do I put my mind at ease.
So do I put on a fake smile for everyone to see?
Because misery loves company, or do I embrace the hate.
Cursed, the noose around my fucking neck slowly pulling me in.
To me death is not a fearful thing, it’s living that’s cursed.
Track Name: Born To Die
Born into chaos, I don’t know what peace feels like.
It’s a vicious cycle, a slow spiral
Your breath gets shorter and it catches up to you.
How can you watch as the pendulum swings back and forth
How can you live knowing your time is up, unfortunately we were damned.
There’s nothing more frightening that knowing you’ll die alone.
Born to Die, live a life of ill being, all alone, stuck below in the hole you dug for yourself.
Born to Die and Die to Live
Track Name: Ill Intent
I’ve had enough of all your lies, I think it’s time to feel the knife
I treated you like a brother but now you’re just a two face motherfucker.
You left me out to bleed and dry, now this is the end for you.
Your lies came in a form of a disease, etching my mind to my skull.
Your words will bring you down and all I heard was ill intent.
You chose to bend and conform.
And it’s time for you pay the price.
Track Name: Living Death
So much trouble hangs on my mind
Refuse to lose, just an excuse
You grip me by the noose around my neck
As we don’t share the same views.
Cut me open, dry me out
The hands of a liar, close the door
Don’t let it hit you on the way out
When you leave, I’m done with you
I can’t breathe, I just can’t break
The regrets that wont fucking shake
The choices that I have made till this day
I have only myself to blame.
If it’s up to me I would end my life and put me out of this misery,
But sadly I’m comfortable in this living death.
Track Name: No Bragging Rights
You’re at losing ends, your talk was cheap.
And all I see is how it deems fit.
You think time and time that I can’t see.
You had it covered so quickly
It doesn’t matter who came first but all you did was make it worse
Now I know the reasoning that you were up to no good.
You never cared, now tell me why.
This will never save you and I will bring
Change, I’ve had enough of all your excuses.
All your ties will be severed
Leave it behind, change your ways.
This is no contest.
No bragging rights
It will never be enough, you never paid the price
And see the truth right before your eyes.